What a different world we live in today! Who would have imagined even 2 months ago that nothing now is normal? Who would have imagined that staying home, hunkered down, would be the safest thing that you can do for your own personal health? Yet, here we are and there is little that can be done…except realize that this too shall pass. I am not downplaying the serious situation we are in. People are dying! Loved ones cannot attend funerals and provide comfort through contact. Our frontline folks; doctors, nurses, police, fire, store employees, are facing grave danger every single daily. This is tragic! This is beyond tragic!

However, we know that our God is still God. He is at work with us even in this tragedy and will sustain us through and after this situation. God was not caught off guard. He was not surprised. He cares for us still. We are allowed to question him. He gives us that prerogative because he loves us. Yet his son, Jesus Christ, is even now ‘interceding for us’ (Romans 8:34). Jesus grieves when we grieve. Jesus clearly understands death and anguish. That is why he came to dwell on earth for a short time and he can relate to and understand all we are going through. He and the Holy Spirit will provide comfort when we ask.

So, we must bend our knees. We must pray for all who are affected by this virus. We must pray for our nation and our leaders. We must pray for divine wisdom for those who are seeking treatments even now and for a future vaccine for this terrible illness. We must pray for God’s peace that ‘transcends all understanding’ (Phil. 4:7). Heavenly Father, help us while in the midst of this pandemic to trust that with your divine guidance that this too shall pass.

Pastor Jeff